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AMY Kimberly Chen

I am student at PARSONS
contact me for storytelling or art gallery exhibit. 

Dream big and fly high. 

Metallic Flower

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Artistic Impressions


Current Exhibitions

Discover the beautiful works of our artists at the exhibitions currently on show. We work hard to surprise and innovate, frequently changing our space to carefully compliment our artists' work. Check out our current gallery showings below and view our calendar for what's coming up. Subscribe to our newsletter to make sure you never miss out on any updates.

3D Abstract Art

Trends in Contemporary Art

February 5, 2024

Join us for our upcoming event showcasing the latest trends in contemporary art. Our talented artists are pushing boundaries and challenging norms. Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to explore the forefront of the art world.

Black Bust Sculpture

Art by Nature

March 5, 2024

Celebrate the beauty of nature with our upcoming event featuring art inspired by the natural world. Our artists use their talents to capture the essence of the world around us, bringing it to life in stunning detail. Join us for an evening of inspiration and wonder.

Digital Art

Wood and Sculpture

January 5, 2024

Experience the beauty and intricacy of wood and sculpture at our upcoming exhibition. Our artists use wood as their canvas, creating breathtaking works of art that push the boundaries of what is possible. Join us for an unforgettable evening of art and inspiration.

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